National Offender Re-Entry Association

The Association that help you STOP the revolving jail door.



Training and employment opportunties from the first day of release( if available)

Housing Referral Resources

Proper guidance for needed resources

Affected Youth Program

Assistance to youth children affected by the incarcaration of a parent.

Re-Entry Returns Blessings 

 Funds will be use for assisting 25 children of incarcerated parents with resources to help them cope with an absent parent as well as supporting them in any school or after school activities n which they want to join.  
Full details and sponsorship opportunities will be posted on N.O.R.A. website
  Each Year starting in November we will be taking donations for our annual back to school fundraiser for those returning to school. Laptops for those enrolling into college, and training vouchers for those that would like to learn a skill through Registered Apprenticeship instead of going to college. 

Annual Benefit Game

Come out an see Officers of the MPD go up against some of Memphis outstanding reentry individuals.
GAME IS ON come to show your support. All the money raised from this event will be donated to the National Offender Re-Entry Association N.O.R.A. to provide resources to them and their families. Funds will be used to provide resources like; vouchers for Identification, tuition assistance for skills training, housing assistance and transportation assistance.


Optimizing Resources 4 Re-Entry

N.O.R.A. is focused on providing successful reentry service to individuals returning to our community after incarceration. We also provide prevention services for the children of incarcerated parents or a family history of incarceration.

Our mission is to help decrease the ever-growing recidivism rate for offenders while assisting them in creating an alternative crime-free lifestyle through re-employment, education, and career development training in apprenticeship.

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